Accommodation can be arranged according to your style and budget. Israel boasts a wide range of hotels, Band B's and rental apartments. When touring in Israel, let us help you choose the best accommodation for your particular tour and family's needs.



With its wide range of local and authentic restaurants there is no shortage of wonderful places to eat in Israel. For special or popular spots, like Decks in Tiberias or the Morrocan Darna  in Jerusalem we will make the reservations. Our guides, however, will take you to the best known spots where the Israeli's eat typical Mediterranean fare or to a variety of restaurants with different ethnic cuisine.



While on tour, you may want to visit the large or boutique wineries that dot Israel. Our guides will be happy to recommend the most popular or least known but the best wines Israel has to offer.


Best Time to Travel

Whenever it suits you, Touring Adventure will find the right places to suit the local weather! September to May are the ideal months to travel in Israel, Sinai or Jordan as the other months can be quite hot. Many do however travel in June, July and August and we recommend for this time of year: jeep tours, high mountain areas, jeep and walking tours in the north of Israel and area around Jerusalem. Most indoor places have air conditioning.


Tour Guides

Our tour guides are fully licensed and speak English and Hebrew. Arrangements can be made for any language: French, Russian, Italian etc.


Entrance to foreign Countries

All passports must be valid for six months minimum

It is best to check well ahead if your country requires a visa for travel

Border Crossing fees (to Jordan, Sinai, Egypt) are paid by each traveler.



It is customary to give tips to the drivers and escorts. For large tour groups, there is often a collection at the beginning of the tour which the Israeli tour guide uses to tip throughout the tour.

As in all countries, tips are not usually included in your restaurant bills. If you have enjoyed the service feel free to show it.

It is entirely at your discretion to tip the Israeli Guides  

There is always a first aid kit available. It is advised to bring a small one for yourselves

Those needing medication, please remember to pack what you need

If you have any medical problems that may affect you while you travel, including allergies, please notify us well in advance, in writing, so we can be of utmost help


Personal Packing List

Valid passport and money $

Back pack

Walking shoes, sandals for the water

1-2 warmer clothing item e.g. sweatshirt

Sunhat, bathing suit, sunglasses, small towel

Toiletries, sunscreen, lip balm, toilet paper and matches

Camera / film / batteries/charger

First Aid, Medication

Shorts and tops plus appropriate clothing for entrances to religious sites

Water bottles

Most of all come prepared with lots of good will and spirit!