30% upon registration for the tour.

Full payment up to 15 days prior to departure.

Payment is in dollars or in Israeli shekel according to the bank rate (high) on the day of payment.

The price includes as specified in each tour, guides, transfers, jeeps and camels where specified. Please verify in the tour description.

The deposit and any registration fees are non refundable.


Insurance and Liability

It is highly recommended that each traveler acquire full individual travel insurance for personal and property.

The company and / or tour guides are not responsible whatsoever for any damages to personal or property during the travel and touring, including delays or changes that may have to be accommodated no matter what the nature of the changes. There will be no responsibility taken on our part for theft, accident or outside expenses incurred to the traveler. Should the company or any member have to monetarily aid a traveler, it is understood that the traveler will reimburse the aforesaid in full.


E-mail: or call Yossi directly at +972 522 591 472