Sinai Desert


Touring in the desert is a unique experience. Let Touring Adventures specialized guides make it happen for you. Enjoy the enchantment of the geological wonders of sandstone and granite structures, the high mountains and contrasting green oasis. Camp under the sky's umbrella and sleep in the million star hotel, cook your own meals, drive a jeep, or ride a camel. Experience snorkeling in the breathtaking reefs of the Coral Sea. Meet the people of the desert and discover the Bedouins' lifestyle.

Touring in the Sinai Desert

2 Day Jeep Tour to Mt Sinai and St Catherine's

5 Day Sinai Tour

Hiking in the High Mountains from 3-5 days

Camel Treks: from 3-5 days and up

Snorkeling Trips

Sailing on the Red Sea

Hotels and Resorts in Sinai



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