Yossi Amar 


Yossi Amar, the owner and tour operator, is a licensed tour guide with over 20 years of experience in the field. He speaks English, French, Hebrew and Arabic. Yossi's passion is touring and travelling. For him it's like a hobby more than a job. 


Yossi and his staff of guides design and arrange all the tours.  Since they are the ones out in the field, your trip is better planned than by people who just sit in offices.  While touring in Israel, our guides can be flexible and accommodate any changes you like or need.


Yossi along with other qualified tour guides will guide you through a remarkable touring experience.



Email inquiries@touring-adventures.com or call 

Yossi directly at +972 522 591 472


Trust Yossi and his staff at Touring Adventures to ensure this Bar /Bat Mitvah tour and celebration to be a warm and memorable occasion suited to your taste and budget.



israeltouring123@gmail.com or call 

Yossi directly +972 522591472